Superintendent Update

Dear Hermantown Parents and Students,

The bi-weekly case rate for Duluth/Proctor/Hermantown this week is 25.30 and projected to be 31.29 per 10,000 next week. In our plan we require face coverings age 2 through 6th grade at 25 per 10,000 so we have hit that threshold.  We utilize county numbers because our school numbers tend to mirror the county numbers for positive cases. 


The face covering requirement will start on Monday, September 20th  for all students and staff in EC-6th grade. With a face covering requirement in place we will not go to distance learning in accordance with CDC guidelines (unless extenuating circumstances warrant).


We will continue to monitor and once numbers in the “Duluth Area” drop below 25 per 10,000 we will remove the face covering requirement and go back to masking in common areas in the early learning center and the elementary.  

Here is a link to the St. Louis County dashboard so you can access to the same data we are using:


We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we navigate through these ongoing challenges.



Wayne Whitwam
Hermantown Superintendent